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When we follow used Twitter so people started asking, what is it? Again a new hectic? Whereto the Ktrag disperse, Vgarha Vgarha. So we thought to dispel misconceptions of people, is to write an article on Twitter. Well in this article by expanding Sun brother kept writing must also dare him. These sentences will surely hear you ... in your everyday life.

What are you poppet?
What's going on?
And what news?
What's new fresh?

Yes, this question is often Mirza. Our Mirza Sahib whenever the phone / chat, come on before then firing the first question is the same. Fire Itte clearing them now seeing the guy, will tell you without asking what he is doing. I also follow the developer who will suffer because of someone like Mirza Dunn made one site, none of which by creating your account news of the moment every moment of your can Yaaron friends. Now Take Avinash , she takes the news of his resurrection Twitter, bath wash, published news from've started to sleep so no one asks the above question. Write short messages easy, so from above Vantage to your Google / Yahoo Messenger, Mobile or other in many ways can send updates to the site. Tweets that speak to these updates. Tweets that any message can only be 140 words. Limit messages to write in English so this is good, but of course this limit is reduced to Hindi because Hindi is the word are stored in Unicode. Well the problem with Twitter to see what your. Read ahead of you.

Twitter Tweets meet as soon as she gives them published on your Twitter site. And the logo on your site Watchlist (Follow) has done, he is informed by automatic methods. People sitting at your computer so it can respond to your message. Social networking is not it a few different ways. You'd say it's time Khanmkha West is OK, sure is. (In our view) is the only Taimvest social networking. But it can also be used creative. How? ... Lldekia to explain some examples below:

Using Twitter as a mini blog or blog can also have side. Suppose you management or technical, is master of Natsrfing. If you want your readers a few tricks to show you are in the sidebar of your blog. Now either you Guron / tips to create a new blog, which is run and to manage a task in itself counter. Or create an account on Twitter to get going. I think the second option would be much easier. Get just the beginning. Sign in with your Google chat, send, and keep showing in the sidebar. Twitter is very popular to show on your blog so you Mnmafik Vidjed would find somebody.

Advertise your blog
It is known to all that the reader is less than blogger in Hindi blogging. To increase the number of readers that we all have to use the new platform to reach the Hindi-knowing. Twitter is a similar platform. If you want automatic manner from your blog site Twitter can become. Post here and there will be a brief splash you post. People saw that post, it will come to your site. Then tied the rest is up to you how you keep them. 10 hits in the month you get your Twitter site then there is no deficit deal. Now you find these hits is this change in the dollar is up to you.

Stock market tips
Have good knowledge of the stock market, share market tips to give to your friends. Kamal brother, you hear it? But it happens that your 8 or 10 friends, which is invested on your tips. If this feature is not now in chat messages that made everyone together, so better take of Twitter, Make your one account, and that account from your Google chat Put tip at all. Cast not tip here, there was not published. Other friends say that the site be sure to subscribe. Keep the entire market commentary throughout the day.

Four Liana poetry
Suppose your blog is based on a very serious subject. But you want your reader that remained, so they have some amusing jokes, humor poems of four Liana type are shown on the next Saitbar. It will all come to your blog's readers. It is a risk, however, might be more popular than your Saitblog your blog. Then you'll know his rich brother Kamal. Many remain hung for a bachelor's just there to look rich.

Semantics, pronunciation, writing-related questions to ask
Often people ask, such and such and such word in Hindi Baraha / IME to write in, just ask Kiss, your loved ones will give you The answer hinges. It will go well with others. Similarly, people often ask English of English words of Hindi or Hindi words just chat instead ask Meanwhile, the rest of the people will understand him. Creative use of social networking done right.

Live Updates
Suppose you have a function in. Meet the bloggers gone Suppose someone (who Vegetarian, consistent read this blog) are in there you can give the site is aware of every moment. Tweets Lift Stay mobile and Dunn put the rest of the blogger will know by looking at that site. Live updates are not.

Well we, the people in India are very Jugadhu. I hope not, but the use Jugadhi confident you'll make the most of Twitter. Such as a short outburst (type walkinto, Galia 140 can be written in words so much, that is not?) Remove, the poems have been stuck in the mind, a new fresh haiku written, so let it spill out there. Many have used such a plethora of needs that you can use on Twitter. Your work will link below for more information.

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  1. Ie Tvitiyate is just messy. The English word ... to Hindikrn.
    New Addiction Lgwaoge :)

  2. Report extremely useful. In addition to the increase of the means of earning Hits enhancement. After I maldaar brother Jitu doctor Avinash Tiwari and Om Prakash have begun to put poems on current affairs. You deserve the tips they have to execute. Write a report that the addition of Google AdSense Where Where can arrange to collect ed. When applying for the aid and what to keep in mind how much such aid can be mobilized. Wow Money Blog Hindi and his application has been rejected by Google. Now you can show the path to bloggers like me, who wants to add writing a post. Jitu brother put on as well as when the veteran blogger then insert your comments and suggestions will definitely add more things to it. Such forward to your post.

  3. And then, who is managing the Internet via mobile gprs or cdma mobile stage she felt the Dana-Dan hit the post Fokti and Twitter for those who have no such facility who have an Indian mobile be provided by the number 5566511 So a short message on which (according to Alok brother) samosa ie sending an sms can also update it, just with your mobile number will add to your Twitter account.

  4. Twitter is good site.Plese tell about Hindi Search Engines. I know about one Hindi Store ( .. but can u suggest more

  5. And you can Tvitia Devanagari or any Indian Bhashamen. Of course I am reading your Blagpta follow mekhadilkarprakas response will be sent.

    Light 's Last Blog Post .. Twitter Followers feline paw over

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