... Round two mobile.

Tweet my affectionate greeting to all of you. You've all been exposed for a long time, what to do, if I get some time to be written by a living. Gile grievance will walk all the way. Let us something to talk about you. I'm often with two [...]

If you do not have it?

Tweet Let's talk today, for your Profeshn. If you are not in this career? Well, I've written about this before, see the article on this for the last things fresh. So let's start sir. If I with the computer software [...]

Drinking, PhD

Tweet Yesterday saw an excellent post on the Internet, was in English, knowledge of thought, let's turn to our readers write in Hindi. This article is dedicated to those Darubajon who has dedicated his entire life to alcohol. It is often seen that people drink after drinking two to three odd [...]

If you have strong Kanpuria ....

Tweet you in every other sentence or word chu * use. If you come by the money quietly in shopping malls, but rickshaws are the ones who fight for the Atnni. Mange and give their opinions without unnecessary. Especially, when you are traveling in the train. In your dictionary streets [...]

Changing Age

Tweet Social networking has changed our way of life, its a hallmark See: mistress (the maid): Kanta Bai! You did not have to work for three days, what is it? Maid: Madam! I had the status update on Facebook that I'm going to the village for three days, [...]

Why is often ...

Tweet often occurs a few things in our lives, that we are forced to think that is why. Let's introduce some such phenomena. Why is it so often when ... your hands soaked in grease or flour is tangled, when the phone rings. If the screw tightening time, [...]

-Delhi litmus test

Tweet you from Delhi? If so, let's just take your litmus test. We have an Awesome "managed" so we will know what percentage you are in Delhi. First a disclaimer: It was me in an email, I do not have any copyright on it. So let's [...]

Udntshtri landing day

Tweet brother you do not understand something wrong Salat. Today, the popular blogger Mr Hindi universe, sir brother Samir red 'Udntshtri' Kanade is the birthday of the. Samir's brother in Hindi Blogajgt the heavy bloggers, was not convinced by the weight and see. Samir brother emperor who called the comments [...]

Tlua Party

Tweet Tlua will ask you what happens? Tluwa very broad terms, without Tlua work means the guy. Well, even in its Hindi Blogajgt is Tlua Blogger, which is called the big Shan Tlua myself, and the fact that my (blog) The name of the line, do not practice [...]

We search for ninety-nine in the ...

Tweet not played in a long time no play, tagging is closed, blogging has so far. So what we have today? Hey, do office work, so little time, sometimes micro-blogging (a Liana) Let. See you then take a look here, the language [...]